Magnolia News



Verizon Boost in Coverage Throughout the City

Mayor Vann and Robert Baxley, manager of the Magnolia Water Utility, had a meeting with Verizon Wireless engineers regarding Verizon’s tour of Magnolia in search of locations for small cell sites.  A small cell is a small box that will be attached to a structure to increase cell coverage.  They are more cost efficient and a lot less application than a tower. Magnolia will be the first town in Arkansas to receive the small cells.  The sites will act as capacity relief for the local Verizon tower.  
The Verizon engineers are looking at four sites in Magnolia.  Those sites are the water tank on Joy Street, an antenna located at the Magnolia Fire Department, on the street light at Main and Vine, and on the old water tower located at the Magnolia Water Maintenance Plant on West Union.  
After installation of the small cells, Verizon customers will notice an increase in their coverage.  Chad Tarver, one of the Verizon Wireless engineers, stressed that Verizon is only in the preliminary phase of implementing the small cells in Magnolia.  He said that a date has not been set for completion but hopefully it will be this year.  After the new cell sites are in place, Verizon will evaluate the coverage and more can and may be added to Magnolia.  
Mayor Vann has signed a contract with Verizon for the small cell project.  He is excited about the new small cells not only because Magnolia will be the first in the state to offer the extra coverage, but also because of the extra revenue.  Verizon will pay the city $2,500.00 per site on an annual basis.

3rd Annual Keep Magnolia Beautiful

The 3rd Annual Keep Magnolia Beautiful will be held on May 3rd beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the Magnolia Fire Department.  There will also be a drop off of all old household paint.  Please bring all of your old paint to the fire department to be disposed of.  Gloves and trash bags will be provided.  Everyone will meet back at the fire department for a free lunch!  All organizations, clubs, churches, and individuals are invited to attend!  Help us clean up the town before the Blossom Festival.


Controlling the Mosquito Population

Below are pictures of Dr. Baker and his grandsons distributing mosquito fish around town in an attempt to control the mosquito population.