Police Department

Mission Statement: 

TheMagnolia Police Department is to provide for the safety of the public, the protection of life and property, to serve with integrity, to provide a well‑trained professional department to the public, to treat all members of the public and all employees with respect, and to strive toward being one of the most recognized Police Departments in the law enforcement profession.

P.O. Box 1126
205 N. Jackson
Magnolia, AR 71754-1126
870-235-5694 (fax)

Glenn O. Maxwell was appointed Chief of the Magnolia Police Department on December 31, 2011. Prior to his appointment, Maxwell worked 23 years in the Highway Patrol Division for the Arkansas State Police. He began his career in Law Enforcement in 1984 as a patrol officer for the City of Camden, Arkansas Police Department. Maxwell spent five years in the United States Marine Corps. His education and training includes the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Carteret Technical College of North Carolina, Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, Arkansas State Police Troop School and Andersonville Theological Seminary.




Tickets and Fines

870-235-5694 (fax)

Tickets and fines can be paid at the Police Department at the above address or online at www.myfinepayment.com. You can obtain a copy of an accident report from this department.

Training Department


      The Training Officer is responsible for ensuring that the department and it’s personnel are in compliance with state minimum standards requirements. The Training Officer is further responsible for timely submission to the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training of certificate advancements for all personnel from basic through senior.

     The Training Officer is to ensure that the department has a continuous in-service training program consistent with keeping up with the times and needs of the department.

    The Training Officer will maintain complete and up to date training records on all employees. This record will reflect the dates of training, types of training received, test scores and copies of certificates where applicable.

    The Training Officer is responsible for coordinating and consulting with the Field Training Officers to ensure that not only is their training consistent with the goals and objectives of the department, but that the training they are provided is standardized and consistent with the goals and objectives of the field training program.

    The Training Officer also serves as a step in the department’s quality control operation by reviewing all reports for accurateness, legibility and legality of content. From these reports, it shall be the training officers duty to ensure that the department training meets the needs of the officers and is designed to enhance the officers performance in meeting the needs of the times.
    The Training Officer also serves as a community liaison. In an effort to better understand the communities expectation of the department as well as to further the communities knowledge of departmental operations, the training officer is to be actively involved in community affairs; attending meetings, providing community programs, coordinating department responses to special events, etc...

Crime Prevention Program

    Crime prevention is the primary function of this Department and aims at creating in the minds of Magnolia residents and business persons, an awareness of the roles they can individually and collectively play in the reduction and/or prevention of crime.

    Crime prevention also encourages individuals, groups, schools, neighborhoods and communities to participate in programs and activities to reduce/prevent crime. Crime prevention seminars and information are available through the Magnolia Police Department. These seminars can be tailored to fit the educational needs of your neighborhood or business. A wide variety of topics are available, including Workplace Safety, Drug Identification, Personal Safety, Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Incidents and Senior Safety. Home and Business Security Surveys are also available. If you are interested in learning more about any of the above topics, to schedule a survey, or for more information, please contact Lt. Cory Sanders at 870-234-3765.

    NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Neighborhood Watch is a “team” approach to fighting crime in which the Magnolia Police Department works hand in hand with you and your neighbors to reduce crime in your community. Neighborhood Watch fights the isolation that crime both creates and feeds upon. It forges bonds among area residents, helps reduce burglaries and robberies, and improves relations between police and communities they serve. In order to reach this goal, we want you to become better acquainted with your neighbors while our Community Service Officer shows you how to protect yourself, your neighbors and your property from crime. Statistics and criminals alike verify that when neighbors organize, the opportunity for crime is drastically reduced.

    BUSINESS WATCH: The Business Watch program provides a method by which the business community and the Magnolia Police Department can work more closely together to prevent or solve problems in business shopping centers and individual businesses. The program is predicated on the same concept as the very successful Neighborhood Watch Program, where neighbors watch out for neighbors. Business Watch participation enhances involvement with neighboring businesses and offers many benefits to businesses, residents and the police department.

    We also provide instruction on numerous topics to business, homeowner groups, civic groups, etc. in the prevention of: Robbery, Shoplifting, Bad Checks, Burglary, Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and employee Theft. We also provide instruction or presentations on Home Safety/Security, Business Security and Personal Safety.

    HOME/BUSINESS SECURITY SURVEYS: The Magnolia Police Department will conduct an on scene security survey of your home or business. We will also provide suggestions and information on how to keep your home or business safe.