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Cross Connection Program

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Ordinance #06-02

In order to comply with the Arkansas Rules and Regulations pertaining to Public Water Systems, the City of Magnolia found it necessary for the health, safety, and welfare of the people served by the Magnolia Utilities to adopt cross connection control standards which establish the requirements for the design, construction, and maintenance of connections to the public water supply.

It is necessary and proper to provide for the protection of the public potable water supply, to isolate at the service connection any actual or potential pollution or contamination with the customer's premises, and to provide a continuous, systematic, and effective cross connection program.

A partial list of the types of connection that will require a backflow device are as follows:

hospitals, medical service buildings, nursing homes, dentist and doctor office, mortuaries, Fire systems, Lawn irrigation systems, Automotive repair shops, hotels and motels, multi-level apartment complexes, beauty and barber shops, restaurants

Annual Testing Requirements

The customer is responsible for the annual testing of the backflow prevention assembly by contract with a certified backflow assembly tester. The customer shall furnish the water utility with a certificate of satisfactory testing. Any fees required as a result of inspections, testing, and/or repairs shall be paid by the customer through private contract with a certified tester and/or repairman.

Certified Backflow Assembly Testers

The following are registered with the Magnolia Utilities as of 5-1-2014:

Pinner Plumbing
John White
Scott's Plumbing